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Weekend Waiting

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Weekend Waiting
  • for it to dry after our 1-1/2 inches rain.
    Planing to ride late afternoon today so I turned horses out this morning a bit prematurely.

    Jet did fine for a ride Friday morning although Amy babied him the whole way.
    He still has a couple daily doses of Dexamethasone left.
    We didn't find any multiple bite sites.
    Another friend is coming to ride him today.

    I helped Pilot get a brush pile burning yesterday morning.
    Then did some cooking for my Sis yesterday since it was too wet to be outside.
    Chow mein, rice and some snack mix.
    Also a quadruple batch of meatballs she can keep in the freezer. Apparently my nephews love them.

    Everyone have a wonderful what's left of the weekend.

  • Monday morning.  Rain.  Computer guy came yesterday afternoon and took care of my sound issue on this computer.  Also he turned off the touch pad...blinking thing was too sensitive and made using this a challenge.  Now I can use it with less frustration.

    My friend who deals livestock was in ND yesterday evening and will be bringing back a load of pigs and some beefers.  Hard to understand how it is cheaper to buy so far away and then truck them to here than it is to buy them locally.

    Going over to feed  my girl and the barn cats.  

    Have a great day.

  • Two good rides over the weekend. This was after the farrier was here the weekend before and discovered Fancy had an abscess that had already blown out and Apache was bruised on the bottom of one hoof. Apache got a nail in his hoof yesterday at the end of the ride, thankfully it was sideways. Left over from when the new roof went on the house. I will take metal detector out and look for more in the areas that we ride and where there MIGHT be more nails laying around.

  • Had Socks out on Sunday.  He was a good boy, as per usual.  We went down two properties and came back, about a mile round trip.  When we rounded the corner at the end of the second neighbor's property, his head came up.  Closer we got to where we typically turn around the more he resembled a Giraffe.  OH!  MY!  GOSH!  A H-U-G-E water hole!  Why... practically a LAKE!  It was all of four feet across.     Adding to the terror of this impassible expanse of bottomless abyss, was the rippling surface (wind) and grey things moving around in it (reflection of clouds)!  Included with this was snorting, Giraffe head, and leaning back dramatically.  I wacked him with the cane of the whip, and told him to, "Get a grip!"  "Okay," drama ended, and he walked meekly across the puddle.  Hackneys!  The William Shatners of horses!    Reminded me of Daddy opossum in Over the Hedge.