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Friday No lumps

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Friday No lumps
  • We had to run Jet to the vet last night.
    He came in completely covered in welts.
    So many they were running together.
    I quickly cut apart 20 benedryl tablets mixed a paste with molasses and smeared it under his tongue.
    I ran to the house for my phone to call Dr. Matt and running back to the barn saw that Jet had gone down.

    Pilot couldn't get him up and Jet's breathing was labored.
    I threw everything in the truck opened the trailer and grabbed a whip.
    Got Jet up and loaded and off we went.
    Talked to Dr. Matt en route.

    Got to the clinic and Jet's welts had already started to recede.
    Dr.Matt had a traech ready but it only took a big steroid shot.

    Good grief!
    Histamine powder for 3 days.
    Dr. Matt gave me a steroid shot to have on hand for the next allergy emergency.
    A long night but Jet was much improved welt-wise by 3am and fine by 6 am.

    Today is Sarcee's birthday.
    And she still needs her tooth x-rayed.
    Maybe next week.

    Rain and thunderstorms headed our way.
    I need to go out and batten down the hatches.
    Have a great night everyone.

  • Yikes. Glad all is well. I have seen a bunch of lumps on ours occasionally, but other than looking lumpy they were fine. My theory is they lay down to close to a fire ant nest.

  • Well Bald Faced Hornets nest in the ground as well as in trees etc.  We have those in Fawn Lodge and if Jet rolled over or simply stepped on the entrance, it would have put the hive in attack mode.  Also, oh joy, we have Asian Murder Hornets in British Columbia and Washington now.  So very NOT looking forward  to THOSE coming down south!

  • Thinking that what Whisper had a couple of years ago was not really hives but ground bee bites.  Horrible to see your horse covered in these lumps and knowing there is not much you can do.  THANKFUL that she was not allergic.  Poor Jet.  Glad you were there and knew what to do and that you were able to get him help in time.