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Waiting Wednesday...

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Waiting Wednesday...
  • Well... he had no dinner and not much of a breakfast.  One B.M. early in the morning since.  Normal, but small.   What ever it is doesn't want to come out.  Jmebear has me feeding soft, wet food only.  He will be getting only soaked Beet Pulp and Alfalfa Pellets three times a day, for a while.  On one hand, Socks will love getting three buckets.  On the other, he will finish quickly and have to wait for more.  Hackneys don't wait well.  Like me, I think he's ADHD (LOL).  I guess we're well matched, in that respect.

    One of the issues may have been his water tank.  Socks likes to dunk his hay and leaves half of it in the water.  His tank gets disgusting quickly because of it.  I'm always joking he's making beer.  Anyway, seems it needed dumping and just got filled instead.  Scrubbed it out with bleach, rinsed well and refilled.  May go to a smaller one.  Need to buy salt when next I go shopping also.

    Whilst he doesn't seem to be in pain now... no BM.  Hoping and praying for a breakthrough.

  • Hmm. We had a dunker as well. He also liked beer and Mountain Dew.

  • hee hee

  • Well, being an Englishman by descent, no surprise Socks likes his beer so much he's attempting his own, eh?

  • great way to look at it.  The hee hee was for face's  dunker  liking beer and Mountain Dew

  • When we use to board our horses the barn would do birthday parties for kids. At the end we would give Dan his Mountain Dew. Kids loved it, and he did too! Most of it ended up on the ground.