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Saturday Six Straight

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Saturday Six Straight
  • days of riding.
    Yesterday was a hot one so only rode for a couple hours.
    Today should be about ten degrees cooler.

    I am surprised that my hip is much better?
    Even after riding Tex yesterday.
    He is wide.

    I started preparing for corona when it was first reported in China.
    I knew it would get here.
    The actual numbers of deaths are not being reported accurately and doubt we will ever have the facts.

    No one likes the lockdown except maybe me.
    I much prefer staying home on our ranch and just getting our work done.
    Except for riding of course.

    We let this happen and NY should be example enough.

    I hope everyone is and stays well.
    Have a great day!

  • Other than shortages in the stores, this lockdown hasn't affected me much either.  Well it has been inconvenient with the DMV being closed and all as I have some things to get done there.  I suppose all my favourite thrift and consignment stores being closed has been an annoyance too.  I'm not a great fan of people in general and much prefer the company of horses and dogs.  Ah well.  Looks like the Con Job has been exposed and things might be getting back to as close to normal as possible, under the circumstances.

    One can hope anyway...

    Got my Royal Spartanette up to Fawn Lodge.  Looks like it's going to be a lot more work getting it set up where I want it than I had expected.  Ah well.  So far so good.

    We had a broken pipe under the back porch here at the Walkingbear.  Seems like it has been leaking for months.  Fixed and re-routed the line.  Jmebear then had a plumbing company come in and hook up a 2500 gallon tank to the well with a Jet-pump to pressurize the system.  Its all a lot noisier than before and taking some getting used to.  However, I believe our Summer will be a bit easier than the last.  Well, I hope so anyway.  This is something on my list to do here since arriving nearly ten years ago.  He appears to have done a beautiful job.  Certainly cost enough.

    Well I hope everyone around here has a blessed Sunday and a great week ahead.

  • Stude, we too really don't like people. We have jokingly created the People Haters of America organization. We hate shopping anyway. Biggest issue for us is we are avoiding grand kids, don't really care about not visiting grown kids, they don't change too much. :-) Cancelled trip to VA. Wife and I both in top 3 high risk groups, though I wouldn't be surprised if I had it in December.

  • I hear you, Face.  I think I had it over the winter.  Certainly was sick enough often enough.  I am fine since I have my horse and my barn and house kitties.

  • My Mother and I used to get out of Jury duty by saying, "I'm an equal opportunity bigot and hate everyone equally."  I had one judge threaten me with Contempt of Court.  I told him he shouldn't ask questions he didn't like the answers to.  

  • I'll have to remember that response. They love calling me for Jury Duty. One time I got out of it simply by saying, I just served. And it was the same court! Then there are people who never ever even get called.