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Wednesday We Ride

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Wednesday We Ride
  • again.
    Perfect weather and a great ride.

    I need to work for Help center tomorrow morning.
    I have a friend who is moving and has a freezer full of meat.
    And lots of items to pick up and take to Resale.

    Maybe a ride in the evening.
    I hope everyone is enjoying the week.
  • I'm getting really tired of this B.S. shutdown!  I need to go to the DMV and they've been closed for six weeks now!  Noticed some hair salons and nail stores have opened in town.  Good for them!

    Drove to Fawn Lodge because I forgot my meds.  Another annoyance and a wasted day.

    Horse and ponies are all fat and comfortable.  I need to get Socks and Louie out a lot more.

    Hope everyone has a great week.

  • It is a crazy time. When it is all over with it will be interesting to see what I hindsight says.

    As of April 22 in the USA

       0.2428% of population has tested positive

       0.0135% of population has died from it.

    Has shut downs and social distancing kept numbers down, absolutely. However, at what cost? Speculation is most of population has been exposed already and had no symptoms or it was mild. Shut downs were more about keeping the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed, not about truly stopping it as they expect everyone to be exposed.

    I have always thought it was more of a media driven thing. I liked news better before CNN and other 24 hours sensational outlets. Back in the day ABC, CBS, NBC had a 30 minute slot every evening. They had their morning shows of mostly light news that few actually watched. Now we have 24 hours and mostly talking heads and little real information.