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Saturday Starts
  • out c-cold.

    Wow Connie.
    Whisper is sure giving you fits.
    I am glad she seems to be doing better.

    Jet is doing some spitballs again. (quidding)
    When he is turned out, I watch when I see him.
    He is eating grass. The grass is long and it has been wet enough.
    I can't see that he would be loading up on acorns now.
    He is pooping fine.

    Yesterday Amy came to ride. We should have cancelled because as soon as we were saddled it started misting. After waiting, we then put saddle blankets over the saddles and went.
    We made a loop around and called it off.

    Today we are suppose to do a trail ride with R&C.
    Everyone is iffy because the cold temp and rain in the forecast.

    We will wait and check in about noon.
    I guess that is April weather.

    Everyone stay well!
  • Connie, if you are finding Enterolyths, Psyllium is  the solution.  Or should help anyway.  Arabs are prone to them and Whisper is around the right age.  Did you save the 'stone' for your vet?  An ultrasound might be a consideration at this point.

    We are considering an outing in two weeks to a horse show.  No idea if our wise and beneficent Chairman and Politburo will allow it.  Honestly, some of the stuff I'm hearing about reminds me of the book 1984.  Still hoping for some more sensibility in a few weeks.

    Everything quiet here on the left coast this weekend.

  • Thank you for your input, Stude.  What I found does not look like any stone in the pictures but will consider taking it to a vet.  I am planning on paying closer attention to what she is up to when 3 weeks from onset is here. She is happy and thriving now.  I think part of her issue is she hates anything cold and rejects water in the winter unless I bring her hot...which I do.  I talked with my regular vet but am thinking of talking with a new vet who is strictly horses and see if I can get any input from him.