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Monday Maybe

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Monday Maybe
  • starting to dry out.
    We tried to burn brush.
    But the pile was so wet Pilot couldn't; get it to light.
    He wanted to keep trying but I suggested to wait for another day.
    Sounds easy, burning brush but of course it needs to be wet enough and no wind.

    Horses are being good. We may be dealing with thrush soon also.
    I sprayed the no stall horses with listerine trying to head off any rain rot.
    But with shedding and new coats coming in we shouldn't have a problem.

    I had rescheduled Tonto's eye check appointment due to the stormy weather.
    Hoping to have him and his travel companion Jet clean by Thursday noon.
    Dr. Matt may not recognize them.

    Same here normal life. I am glad to have to stay home.
    I have been cooking since it is too wet to work outside.
    I will give Sis a things needed list. When she gets it I will deliver her a big pot of sloppy joes in exchange.
    She got chili the last time. They have their own beef in the freezer but she doesn't like to cook.
    And now she is working twelve hour days filling grocery orders.

    Pilot's friend passed on Saturday during the transfer home for Hospice care.
    He was fighting cancer and had a brain bleed which sent him to the hospital.
    Sad but he was done fighting.

    Everyone stay well and enjoy the new week.

  • Lots of rain here Mon-Tue. Horses stayed in barn last night. Looks like we get to dry out a bit. Been too wet/muddy to ride much. Apache doesn't like puddles, though he has been sloshing thru a lot lately in the pasture. Main pasture flipped from Winter to Summer configuration. 100 gallon water trough out , auto waterers in. AC Fence charger out, solar in.