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Monday Mid March

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Monday Mid March
  • Already.

    It was a pleasant day yesterday.
    B came and it was a murky day with off and on drizzle. So we did not ride.
    She did help me finish Sarcee's feet and do Chica's fronts until it got too slick to work.
    She is determined to learn how to trim after writing Ed's book.

    Ed has the itch to shoe some so I invited him to come do Jet's fronts and critique everyone else.

    Next we watched cooking shows and she napped on the couch.
    Tacos were the choice for dinner.

    We did have a thunderstorm overnight.
    R is planning to haul squares today. Should be a mess getting it put up with the mud.

    A board meeting this evening with intent to close up shop.
    Then it is time to hunker down.

    No worries about supplies here with 2 freezers full of beef and everything else well stocked.
    Only worry is running out of ice cream?

    All stay well!
  • the weather report should have read, "ALL of the above, baby!"  Hail, rain, snow, sunshine, warm and cold, we had it all!  Abbey experienced her first snow  fall.  She was funny as she dug in the snow and rolled in it.  Come to think of it, maybe not her first as I believe we had snow before Christmas this year.  Still a novel experience for this So. Cal. girl.

    My truck is down due to an electrical/wiring issue.  I have to figure this out.  Or I have to fix the brakes on my Stationwagon and get old Bess back on the road.

    Be careful everyone and do please take care of yourselves.