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Sunday So Far

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Sunday So Far
  • The rain forecasted has not materialized.
    Imagine that.
    B and I are planning to ride.

    She said she needs to come hang out at the ranch even if we don't get to ride.
    Nice to hear.

    Jet's poop was finally clear of acorns yesterday afternoon.
    I turned him out for a couple hours.
    He will be on limited turnout for as long as I can manage it.

    Our school is on extended Spring break.
    Everyone stay well.

  • Schools are closed here for two weeks and then comes the week of Easter holiday so three weeks of no school.  Did not go to church yesterday since we fit into a couple of the three catigories for staying away from crowds.  Could watch the service on computer but got busy with Whisper and forgot.

    I had made arrangements to get more beef.  I don't need any but my son who lives close by said he would like some so I will be going and getting him some steaks and ground beef this week. It worked out well.  He will have food for his family and not have to go to the store for meat.  I know this meat is not imported.  I like knowing where my food comes from.  A local privately owned pharmacy has local produce so that is also a plus.  Farmer's markets are being shut down to keep people away from crowds. I envision a lot more gardens this year.  I live next door to a community garden...a huge operation.

    My dealer friend has a horse that he is "not giving up on"  A very well trained horse with some soundness issues.  He trailered him 100 miles to get him to a horse vet near me.  The injections helped but now the horse has an issue with thrush in the foot of the leg he pulled a check ligament in.  They are hoping it is the foot and that the check ligament is better.  He said he will call the vet and see what he thinks.  He might be coming down with him again.  The horse is NOT pretty but he is a good boy and only nine.  I like to rehab and rather wish he would leave him here for me to take care of.

    Hope everyone has a great week.  I need to get riding but  when I look at the hair coming out of Whisper I loose the urge...so much hair to get off her.