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SaturdayStart Over
  • We took Tonto in for his follow up eye appt.
    After a quick exam DR. Matt decided to do another cryo treatment but more aggressive.
    We are trying to save the eye.

    Jet went along as Tonto's emotional support buddy.
    Although embarassinly disgusting filthy Jet did an excellent job keeping Tonto calm.
    And Tonto was very brave again.

    So today we start over with Banimine orally for 3 days.
    Another week of triple antibiotic in his eye twice a day.
    And daily photos sent to Dr. Matt.

    I will have to start early because I have an extra volunteer shift.
    He needs another follow up in a month.

    It will finally be dry enough for the other horses to be turned out around noon.

    Everyone have a nice day!

  • Never could find evidence of Apache having an abscess. Started treating for thrush and he has made some real improvement. It has been so wet and muddy here. Moved horses to behind the barn which I did not want to as I put seed down last summer. However, the front pasture really needed a break. There has been a LOT of barn time due to the weather and that has helped his hoof as well, gets a chance to dry out.