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Tuesday Trying

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Tuesday Trying
  • to rain.
    We had an1/8 inch downpour at about 1 am.
    It wasn't suppose to come until 6 am.
    Of course I was worried that the outside horses were wet and and cold.
    Finally I got up at 4 and looked at radar and went out to check.

    They were fine. Temp was 40 and they had already dried.
    I gave them hay and potty-ed the princess.
    I went back to bed but wasn't able to get back to sleep.
    No plan today so that's a plus.

    I hope everyone got more sleep than I did.
    Have a great day!
  • No rain forecast for the rest of February.  Not good...  

    Nice day for the Farrier.  Everything dry.  He was puzzled at Raven's relapse (painful feet again).  Her feet looked really good to him.  It was his opinion that it was either Acorns or she gravelled.  There were some suspicious places in her hoof wall trimmings.  Like she had gravelled and it had exited downwards.  But no serious pus pockets etc...  

    I got Socks and Louie out yesterday.  Psycho-pony  evened out surprisingly well and we did some ground driving around the back and came in.  Socks was good as gold, per usual.  Worked him a little harder.  He's going  to need a trace clip as he was pretty wet coming back in.  Looks like we may have a clinic for Psycho-pony (Louie) and CDE coming up this spring.  So I really need to be more regular at getting them out.  We shall see.

    Hope everyone has a great mid-week tomorrow!

  • Apache is having foot issues as well. He has had a very slight limp for a few weeks, had to really watch him to it. Yesterday it got bad. So he is in the barn for a while. Managed to soak the foot for about 10 minutes last night and he let me get a good look but I don't see anything wrong. If he doesn't show improvement will have to call the vet.

  • Black Salve and a baby diaper held on with duct tape?

  • Had him stand in a feed bowl with epsom salt for 10 minutes. Yesterday he was WAY better than the day before.

  • The black salve will draw.  The diaper will keep the area clean and the duct tape or electrical tape with keep it on.  Ichthammol is the correct name for it.  Works well with the epsom salts soak.