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Decision, Decision

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Decision, Decision
  • Forecast for Friday night was for it NOT to get below freezing. Woke up and it was 28. Horses has been left out. Last night it was forecast to be 31 so figured it would be even colder last night and now it is 36. Put horses in last night, should have left them out.

    Really hard to use local weather to make horse decisions.

    Went to pick wife up at Charlotte Airport yesterday. When I got there I check the weather curious what it would say was happening. Light right, what I drove thru was pretty significant SNOW coming down. Not cold enough to stick, but not rain!

  • I use Noaa website for weather. You put in your zip code.

    Also can be somewhat inaccurate. But the radar is helpful.

    Pilot uses aviation weather.

    Mine are always penned up at night.

    I like to know they are safe.

    We have rain forecast the next few days.

    I hope we get some but no flooding please.

    B is suppose to come and try to get a ride in this morning.

    The book signing went very well yesterday.

    The local paper ran a front page interview and helped promote the signing.

    Have a great day all!

  • We have a forecast for five hundred feet below our elevation and fifteen hundred feet above.  Not very reliable all around.

  •   Yesterday morning we had a pretty sunrise with a pair of cardinals present.  Later with sunshine a view of our valley, looking east.