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Th Th Thursday

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Th Th Thursday
  • Temp is 24? this morning.
    Horse waters were icing over already last night before bed.
    I gave them extra hay overnight and added hot water to their buckets.
    And I need to carry hot water out first thing.
    Today is my usual volunteer day so I better get cracking, ice included.

    Yes Stude my niece B is an authoress.
    Her first book is - Horse Sense: 60 Years of Nailing Shoes.
    She has other published short stories also.
    Very proud of her.

    Connie odd that Whisper likes to be inside so much?

    I hope everyone has a nice day!

  • She has been this way and getting progressively worse since Skidder left.  Four days after his departure, she came up from the pasture covered in welts...looked like hives.  Had the vet for her.  Since then, no pasture unless someone is with her.  She loves grass and will eat in the barnyard if I stay out there with her.  The vet had surmised that perhaps she had had a reaction to the fly spray but I am wondering if she didn't roll on a nest of ground bees since the hives were predominately on her back, and associates that pain with the pasture and being alone.  She will go out with another horse but still will try to rush back into the barnyard/barn if I can't shut her out fast enough.  She will just run back and forth in front of the barn or a gate if forced to be out alone.

    Not too fussy about who she is out with since she was fine last fall being out with my son and/or his wife when they were here.  She does immediately check if she is loose in the barn and I go out side.  She rushes to the door and if she sees I am dumping the wheel barrow she will come out and watch.  Sometimes she will roll but always keeps watch of me so she can go back inside before I do...no chance of getting shut out that way.  She is a bit of an odd duck.  She does pay a lot of attention to me and has a pretty good understanding of the english language.  She understand if I am asking her from a distance to move out of my way, telling her to go back in her stall, to stay out of things....follows directions well unless I am telling her to stay out of the treat barrel.  For that, I have to move closer.  She also knows how to open its locking handles and how to slide the tops of the feed bins back.  She is very entertaining

    Hope all are having a great day.

  • Ah, so typical of an Arab!   Your girl needs a companion.  Perhaps a donkey?  They generally have  the good sense to keep away from hornets and yellowjackets.  Donkeys have a reputation of keeping their herd-mates safe as well.

    The weather here in Oak Run has been beautiful the last few days.  Cold, but not like what you ladies are dealing with.  It has allowed things to dry out somewhat in the afternoon.

    Jmebear acquired a few barn kitties.  They're living in the shipping container where we store hay.  I have a Raccoon cage that makes an excellent Cattery.  Problem is remembering to open the container door in the morning.

    Well speaking of daily duties, time  to get off the WWWOT and back to work.   

  • Significant flooding here yesterday. The driveway between the barn and my sisters house was overrun. Pasture was a river last night. Hopefully the water has receded and the horses can go out.