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What, It's Wednesday?

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What, It's Wednesday?
  • Had a lovely but cold ride yesterday with B and her visiting friend.
    All the horses behaved very well.
    B really enjoys riding Tex.

    We attended an active shooter seminar last evening at Church.
    Our Church has a security team but the info is necessary for everyone these days.

    Tonight is sloppy joe night for family and visiting friends.
    Thankful everyone is into casual.

    We got another trace of rain overnight. Maybe more brush will get burned. However the remaining 2 piles are quite large.
    I had another migraine last night with the front coming through.
    Still adjusting new meds. One side affect, rapid heart beat is disconcerting.
    May need to try something else.

    Everyone have a well Wednesday.

  • Coming out of the deep freeze for a few days.  Hope to get more wood this week but first I should bring the little bit left from the last load inside.  I covered it with a large tarp and  it is now covered with some heavy snow.  I might wait until I get help or until it is a bit warmer outside.

    Had two different doctor trips with Cal this week.  Monday a dermatologist ...two biopsies there.  Today, the plastic surgeon and three biopsies.  Hope everything comes back with no problems.  He was in a better mood when we left the Plastic Surgeon today...I think he is relieved that the tests are to be done and that he will find out if he was worried for nothing or if he needs some procedures.

    Whisper needs to be locked out of the barn.  she is really hating going out and she needs to get outside and move around a bit

    Hope everyone is having a good week.