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Sunday is Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Sunday is Hot, Hot, Hot!
  • High of 85* today.
    Need to enjoy because low on Tuesday night is going to be 25*
    Going to ride.

    Tomorrow I will go pay the vet bill for the ranch call.
    It isn't the grand total because Sarcee has a bad tooth that needs an x-ray.
    And Tonto has a cancer in his eye that Dr. M would like to freeze.
    That visit needs to be scheduled in January.
    Maybe we can get it done while MaderChica is visiting.

    A bit of Christmas shopping after.

    Everyone have a grandiose day.
  • Well, it's a beautiful day here.  I hope to let everyone out so I can clean stalls.

  • We got snow.  only about three inches but it started fast and hard, those little balls that mother used to call sugar snow.  The wind behind those little buggers can really make them sting when they hit you.

    Things are okay here, I think I have most of my shopping done then it will be wrap and rearrange things so I have room for my son, his wife, and the two boys in a one bedroom house.  This place is small.

    HOpe everyone had a blessed Sunday and starts a great week off well.

  • Connie, we call that Popcorn  Snow here.  Got close to a foot of it one night last month.  I think it's a form of soft hail.