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Tuesday Temps Drop

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Tuesday Temps Drop
  • Yesterday was 81*!
    Today highs will only be in the 40's.
    Drizzle and yucky.

    I am taking my friend Kay to her cardiologist appointment and other errands in Kville.
    She relented and allowed me to drive her since I told her I had 2 errands also.
    Her concern is she doesn't want to overuse me as a driver for her.
    I really don't mind.

    Everyone have a terrific Tuesday!

  • Whisper gets her peddie tomorrow morning.  This morning it was so dark when I went out with the "stuff" from her stall  I used my headlamp.  I did not open the overhead door much since I can duck under and she seldom follows me.  She did.  Ducked under it.  Ascertained that I was going to the dump site and rolled.  She was back in the barn before I was.  She always wants to know where I am.  She doesn't seem to mind when I shut the stall door and leave the barn, though.

    On our second day of rain and I think we are expecting  snow by morning.  I would appreciate it if the ground froze.  I need some more firewood and when it is fairly bare out there it would be a good time to get it.  What we have down at the neighbors' is too wet...all this rain and then ground water makes it hard to burn.

    Hope everyone has a great week.