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  • Pilot got decors gathered up yesterday.
    I had a long busy volunteer day.

    B is going to come do her decorating magic on our tee Sunday.
    She has no confidence that we would get it done otherwise.
    I am happy to let her do it.

    MaderChica has an important interview very early Monday morning.
    She is going to stay over Sunday to be able to get to it and be on time.
    A blizzard is due and travel on the roads won't be pleasant in the middle of the night.

    She is coming here for Christmas and I hope we have good weather for her visit.
    So far we are having excellent weather for December.

    I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

  • A Blizzard... in West Texas?  You must mean where MC is located?

    We have rain in the forecast for the next two weeks..  I guess it's time to start burning brush.

  • Yes blizzard in Minnesota. ; )

    We are very dry here with our good weather. Hoping for rain. We have some brush piles that need burning.

  • We got more snow.  Not thrilled with it.  Refusing to shovel.  We are supposed to get rain Monday and Tuesday so I am hoping that since the Good Lord put it here, He is going to take it away.

    I moved Whisper to the middle stall.  It is fully matted.  Her stall tends to stay wet due to ground water under the wooden floor.  I need a trench dug out side of the barn to get the water away from there.  I did manage to remove the two inch plank that Bella had kicked in two so that Whisper would not have that to get hurt on in her "new" stall.

    I am getting handier...learning to split wood and cleaned out the wood stove this morning.  Started a new fire.  Hoping it catches.  

    Soon off to the barn.  

    This is Saturday and we have a memorial service to go to.  Not going to be easy.  Carl was an exceptional man and took a piece of our hears when he left this life.