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Snowy? Sunday

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Snowy? Sunday
  • We got some, very little, snow last night.  This morning I am pretty sure it is fog I am seeing but it is 32* out so not sure.

    I learned something last night.  Going to a teenager's birthday party as I did last night and then watching the teens go off into a room to be together and the adults all hang around the kitchen drinking more beer than I had thought possible is exhausting for me,  Attendance is a given, leaving early , as in right after the gifts, was a blessing...went right to bed when I got home.

    I took a video of Whisper yesterday.  I am not good at it yet.  She has two modes.  Still and eating, or racing around.  I did manage a decent still of my girl however.

    I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a great new week..

  • Pretty Whisper!

    We have a couple more days of beautiful weather forecast here.

    75* and sunny.

    Amy, B and I had a great ride yesterday.

    B is really enjoying her new mount Tex.

    She got tired of Sarcee's mare-ish antics.

    I guess the mares are my mounts.

    Not sure what todays activities are yet.

    I am hoping C wants to get a ride in while the weather holds.

    Yes everyone have a great week!

  • Weather is headed downhill here.  It will be getting colder over the next few days and we expect snow in the middle of the week.  Looks to be an interesting winter coming up.

    Almost done with the chicken house.  Should be able to move the hens in next few days.  Need to do some painting and touch up as soon as it warms up a bit.

  • Oh lovely. the weather report for Fawn Lodge, is snow all week. Greaaaat....