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W W W Wednesday

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W W W Wednesday
  • and 10 degrees above zero.  BRRRRR

    Fixed the fire this morning...thankful for this Fisher stove and the way it seems to hold coals for me.

    Whisper is back on her bucket of hot water, yes,, straight from the tap, twice a day.  She drinks it right down when I get it to her.  She is not fond of the cold stuff in her bucket but will drink it if she has to.

    A woman I know who had back surgery is starting to look at horses again.  MRI the other day and the dr. will tell her next week if she can ride again.  This time around she is talking about boarding a horse so she will have someone to ride with.  She is half an hour from me.

    Hope everyone is safe and well.  DH, I agree, I miss the people who were here before the change in format or whatever it was that took away our smiley faces.

  • Speaking of format changes, I am slowly being squeezed out of many locations.  Flickr won't allow me to log in anymore and Patreon won't even work.  Facebook has become so top heavy it's almost not functioning anymore.  However I'm not entirely sure if that's due to fighting with my ad blocker or not.  Some of their ads are really... poor taste, to say the least.  Yahoo has also put in some unfortunate changes since they sought refuge under Oracle.  there are a lot of changes out there and the Monopolies seem to be shrinking the Internet considerably.

    took Socks and Raven out yesterday.  
    Raven gave me the best session yet!  She really tried hard to behave and cooperate.  If she keeps on like this, I'll be able to put her in a cart very soon!  #:-D  She was finally relaxing and behaving, walking without angst and tension.  I was able to get a quiet relaxed working trot as well.  For a short span anyway.
     Socks was spooky and silly.  He even reared up a bit at one point.  A particularly bad  thing in the place he chose as the path is narrow with a steep bank up on one side and down with barbed wire on the other.  Showing his usual equanimity though, he calmed down quickly and moved on quietly.  I guess he was showing me some possibilities I would rather he did not.   All the same, for how little I get him out, no complaints here.  I still contend his name should have been Bozo or at least Pierrot.  Socrates is... incongruous with his character.  Almost laughably so.

    Well, time to get off my achy-cranky duff and off to work.  Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Any FB ad that shows in my FB feed I permanently hide. Top right of the ad hit the 3 dots. They ask why and I always say irrelevant, there are other options beyond that. This is only on the mobile app as my desktop ad blocker seems to work well on FB.

    Never ever like or share anything on FB from a national brand/company.

    If you have friends that are way out of control with their sharing of CRAP, the same 3 dots will permanently hide the source of what they are sharing so you will never see it again. Doesn't block your friend out right, just the post from that source.

    Yeah, it is a little extra work but I get a little enjoyment in blocking such things. If I want news, I will go to a legitimate news site. Who is legitimate is another discussion.

  • I get pleasure from blocking the telemarketers who ring my cell...I can decline their call and block them in two or three easy steps.  Yes,  makes me feel like I won something.