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Saturday So High

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Saturday So High
  • No Sude, I assure you I don't travel in high places.
    But I often wish I could swoop down from a high place and straighten some stuff out.
    Although in my little corner of the world I have met some interesting people.

    We got almost an inch of rain with our cold.
    A couple days of respite before the next arctic blast.
    Monday and Tuesday night forecasted lows in the 20's!

    Today being the nicer day of the weekend of course is too muddy to ride.
    B plans to come tomorrow so we can get a ride in. It should be mid sixties but 20 mph gusty winds.
    Then the bottom drops out.

    I hope everyone feels better and has a nice weekend!
  • Thank you, I am feeling better...not well but better.  We got some errands taken care of yesterday (Saturday). After that, we stopped at the local livestock auction for their last machinery/all kinds of stuff sale for the year.  I stayed in the truck where I could be warm..the sun was shining.  Outside it was nippy, on 16 out when I got up.    I am now the proud owner of a brand new hand made 10' x 12' wooden shed.  It is destined to be my tack room.  Now to get it home.  SIL says he has friends who can haul it and I hope he comes through .  I don't want Cal to try to do it .  A friend with a big roll back said he would but Cal said it would be too high 13' limit here, and Ed would get in trouble.  My spot is picked out....not ready but picked out.  It will be next to the barn at a right angle.  It even locks so that is a major plus.

    Have the pleasure of attending my youngest grandson and his Mom's birthday party today.  His birthday was yesterday and hers is tomorrow.

    I have been having fun helping a dear friend rent an indoor arena for the winter.  I hope to reap a ride or two out of the effort but if it doesn't  happen I still enjoy finding things for people.

    Have a great day.  Oh, hope you get that ride in DH

  • I'm dying to get a ride in. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay for a lesson. I guess I can take the torture. lol

    I drove a day to Vegas to see a couple of friends in the Mustang Challenge. It was worth the 8hrs of driving last Saturday, 4 each way.

    Winter touched us long enough to ruin a volunteer tomato plant I had going in the back yard. I'm so ready to not be here. It provided me with a promotion and it's been over a year. Of course I have applications in but I need it to be a promotion for me to move or else I'm not doing myself any good. Cost of living is low here (except gas) and the locality pay is about as high as it gets. I'm in pain for green trees and grass. BIG green trees.

    Anywho, the donkey friends are active but the thrill is gone for me - first it occurred to me donkeys will kill dogs. Not cool. I guess some are brought up and probably won't but I would want them to kill coyotes so it wouldn't be fair to expect them to differentiate. They could but they may not. SECOND - no matter what anyone says my donkey friend knows best and always has something negative to say about my contributions to conversation. I can see why people pull away from her. Is it because she's German? partly? It's wearing. I tend to keep things to myself but then it feels like I'm a door mat. Plus I don't want to be a distance runner so... I'll be driving the trailer next weekend to Randsburg, which is an awesome town. They have an event.17 miles from Ridgecrest to Randsburg with the donks. I'll drive the trailer there so they can haul ass(es) back. :)

    My 40th HS Reunion was fun. Then to Kill Devil Hills to visit friends, then to Onslow Beach at Camp Lejuene, from there a day trip to visit friends in Myrtle Beach. Lots of driving but LOTS of beach time. It was a nice visit with the CT guy, too. We get along great from opposite sides of the country.

    Kids are doing okay from what I gather. I miss you guys too.


  • Ah yes, U.S. Marines, founded to protect Americans from Barbary Pirates and keeping us safe from the Caliphate for 244 years!

    How about Arrowhead and Big Bear Hunter?  Just take a right at Kramer Junction and stay off Pear Blossom Highway.  If there's no trees left up there, you can take The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to Mt. San Jacinto.


    My Grandmother (who was of German descent) used to say, "You can tell a German all you want,  but you can't tell them much!"

    I would love to have a nice big arena to drive in.  None around here though.

    Best of all Veteran's day to everyone!  I hope all the memories are good ones.

  • I have driven in an arena...I like the security but going around in an oval really bores me...I like jogging horses and don't mind that kind of oval since there is usually someone going your way and you can engage in conversation.  Plus, it was part of my job to keep track of how the horse was traveling.

    Nice to see Hunter here.

  • I agree Connie, working too much in an arena is deadly boring.  However, one has to do training exercises somewhere.  I don't have a level, smooth area sufficiently large enough to work on collection and compulsory figures in.  Bouncing around because of gopher mounds and rocks isn't conducive to concentration and makes it hard on the horse as well.  Add to that, the once safe roads around here have become dangerous because of so many people who think it's okay to blast down narrow, winding, mountain roads at sixty to eighty miles and hour.  Socks and I have had a few close calls.  Hence, the desire for a safe place to drive my horse.

    Overslept this morning and now I'm behind before I've even begun;  Hope everyone has a great week!  Good to hear from you again Hunter!