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Friday Freeze

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Friday Freeze
  • We had a cold front blast through last night.
    Wind, rain sprinkles and frosty temps.

    Low tonight 39 and still windy.
    The new roof is quieter in the wind.

    Gale's funeral tomorrow.
    There were lots of funny stories with his family
    Pilot is a pallbearer.
    I hope I make it through the day.

    Everyone have a great weekend.
  • Well PG&E hasn't shut off the power yet.  I stress yet...
    the neighbor lady has requested the use of one of our stock tanks.  She's afraid of running out of water for her horses.  I'm considering another solution that would give her a lot more water.  It all depends on what she is open to.

    Sorry to hear about your friend Gale.  I lost a friend of the same name in 2005.  His wife (also a friend) gave me his pocket watch and I carry it every day.

    Here's a pic of the trailer I brought home from Washington last weekend:


  • You have a lot of work to do on that project, Stude.  Having something to do keeps us from getting stagnant.  I know having Whisper in the barn is often the only reason I go out of the house most days.  That trailer will be great when you get it done.  We looked at a project camper at a lawn sale last weekend...found newer needing less work on line.  Have often thought a nice camper with a bigger door would make a great tack room.

    Cats got me up this morning...Max was yowling declaring he was going to starve to death.  No sleeping in here.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • I like these really old ones because they're put together inside with screws instead of staples.  Also, they're built with quality materials.  I have an old ABC coach that would make a killer tackroom!