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Thursday with pressure

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Thursday with pressure
  • Water pressure that is.  Our pressure tank failed and the bladder no longer would hold air.  Repair man Bob stopped, checked it out, agreed it was not working on Tuesday evening.  Wednesday, I picked up the car from the SIL's shop...new brakes in front, a rear wheel bearing, fresh air filter and an oil change.  Then, off to Lowes to get a new pressure tank.  Bob showed up an hour early and installed it.  I now have water pressure and am not so worried about burning out the pump.  The pump turned on at least 4 times with each flush....guess that is not good for it.

    The nasty little rodents are moving into the garage and the traps are doing their job.  Thankful it is mice and not anything bigger.

    Internet repair due here again today.  Yesterday a man named Mike called and said that he had taken care of an issue at the local office and something with the cable and all was well...he was correct until 5:45 yesterday when it started going in and out again...still doing it this morning.  I hope he didn't cancel my appointment.  I didn't talk to him..was off getting the pressure tank and he left a voice mail.  I tried calling the number back but it rang and rang with no answer.  I can access a lot through my phone but kind of enjoy the computer and with no internet, no TV.

    Hope everyone has a super day.

  • Yes pressure Thursday.

    Connie I am glad your repairs are moving along.

    Tuesday we lost a dearly loved  friend.

    We rushed to be with his wife and I stayed with her overnight.

    Capable friends arrived yesterday o take over as I had to leave for a scheduled Dr. appt.

    Her daughter was driving in as we left.

    Dinner with the family and Pastor tonight to continue helping with the arrangements.

    Funeral will be Saturday.

    Prayers needed for Kay with the loss of her beloved Gale.

  • Sad for your loss.  (((HUGS)))

    So far no internet repair guy....stayed here between 9am and 1pm as required...now on hold with an office to see if it is canceled.  annoying.  Actually working at the moment. but wasn't earlier...

  • Well, looks like PG&E will be cutting power tomorrow.  So...