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Wednesday When Will

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Wednesday When Will
  • it end?
    Roofers still working.
    They say finish tomorrow. But gusty winds up to 25mph today.
    Weather coming in possibly tomorrow night.
    We are tired of them being here but thankful it is getting done.

    Today be farrier day.
    Jet's shod fronts are super long.
    I wish I had pulled his shoes when he was laid off.
    Now he is needed consistently for riding and can't pull shoes.

    Everyone have a less windy Wednesday.

  • My son arrived safely to his home in HI.  Miss him so much.  Having him with me for almost 2 months was such a treat.  A major plus, he and his father seem to be on good terms now.  This hasn't always been the case.  

    Hope all are doing well.