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Saturday Sounds

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Saturday Sounds
  • QUIET!
    The roofers are taking today off.
    It is so loud.
    I left yesterday and worked an extra volunteer shift.
    My Thursday shift was cut short by my doc appointment.
    So I had stuff I wanted to finish.

    I hope Stude's Dr. appointment went well.

    Mine was fine. Cholesterol a tad high. Always is, an inherited flaw.
    Eat more fruits and veggies, of course.
    Now the new info is 3 cups of green tea per day.
    Pilot is an ice tea drinker but black tea. He says we will try green instead.
    And soy in any form. Maybe I'll try some soy milk.

    Unusual thing was my blood pressure was elevated. It is always low.
    It was Thursday which is my high pressure day.
    That could explain.

    I also got the shingles shot. Two part vaccine, so second shot in 2 months.
    Everyone said how awful it is and you get flue like symptoms.
    Didn't bother me except my arm is very sore.

    A hint of fall in the air. I pulled out my flannel shirt in preparation.
    I love flannel shirts.

    Connie enjoy soaking up the last few days of your son's visit.
    He sounds like such an awesome person.

    A possible ride tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend!

  • Thank you.  I think he is pretty awesome myself.  Yesterday we worked together and he closed in  the cat deck..well closed it in on the two windy sides.  He even put a roof over the ladder they use to get up and down from the deck.  Then he brought out the igloo Mort uses for a winter house.   Mort slept there last night.

    Let Whisper out this morning and she turned around and came right back in.  Chased her back out,  Back in.  Chased her out again and shut the gate so she couldn't come it.  Guess she thought it was too chilly to be out..or I was late for her breakfast.

    Went to a craft fair this morning and bought a gift for my oldest step son and his wife.  He has a business called Bear Path Automotive.  A friend paints and she painted a bear on  a rabbit hide and affixed it to a snow shoe.  Gonna make a great Christmas gift for them.

    I think they will like it.  She did a stone jar with a herd on it and I really like it.  She does nice work.

    Hope all have a great rest of weekend.

  • WOW! It is beautiful!

    Connie they will love it.