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Thursday with

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Thursday with
  • with some plans.  Cal has to go to the Dr. for a check up. About time in my humble opinion.  Yesterday he was digging a hole to plant a maple tree and , unfortunately for him, the area was already occupied by a bunch of ground bees.  They objected to his digging.  They accompanied him back to the house.  It just happened I was in the garage when he came in.  He was swatting at the nasty buggers and grabbed a can of wasp spray.  I sent him back out with that and he sprayed his clothes.  Back inside and I herded him to the shower and put the clothes in the wash.  One bee survived the trip but he nailed that with the fly swatter.  Apparently he is not allergic.  Thankful.

    Rain has made things pretty squishy around here.  

    Oh, some people stopped to get some hay for a lawn decoration at the business where they work.  The girl fell in love with one of the barn kittens.  She came back and took the male home with her.  Hope he works out for her.  Hope he has a nice comfy home as a house kitty.

    Now that I have Roku and get my tv from the internet I have discovered "Wild at Heart" a show set in Africa with an animal rehab outfit.  I am enjoying it.  I am so glad for the roku and no more bills for satellite tv.

    My son will fly out early Tuesday.  I am certainly going to miss him.

    Hope all are well.

  • Thursday already.

    And I have  a Dr. appt also.

    Pilot has encountered yellow jackets and the giant bumble looking bees that are not bumbles.

    He actually is allergic to honey bees.

    The scary thing is that anyone can become allergic at anytime.

    We keep benedryl in all the vehicles, barn and horse trailer.

    The roofing is terribly loud and I am glad to be gone today.

    I will plan to do some work at the cabin tomorrow.

    We saw the axis again. A beautiful big buck with them. I hope they stay.

    Have a great day.

  • I have a Dr's appt. tomorrow in Yreka, over a hundred miles away (with mountains).  Not looking forward to the drive.  May flake on it today.

    Hope everyone here has a great weekend.