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Sunday Morning Special

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Sunday Morning Special
  • Hunterseat did a forum fly by!
    Nice to see you.

    I am hoping Tex is kiss broke for the parade next week.
    I rode him once before in a parade on his 75th ride.
    B is going to take good ol' Jet. He is an old hand at parades.
    I have carried the flag and led the parade with Jet multiple times.

    Speaking of old, at age 21 Jet has become quite a hard keeper.
    He is getting quadruple the feed and even more than quadruple the hay than everyone else.
    Any thoughts?

    Still no rain and still watering.
    Have a special Sunday!
  • I have had success with quality oats (I like crimped) and BOSS.  Plenty of good hay, to the point of wasting it.  My vet suggested selenium since our soil is deficient in it and I bought Whisper a block...it helped.  I can recommend Strategy but honestly can not tell you what number but the one with the highest fat content unless you would rather just add corn oil and rice bran to the feed and make a mash...I have tried all of this and use the oats and BOSS for maintenance now.  For a small Arab, Whisper has quite a body.  She could use muscle in the butt but that requires exercise...we are working on that.

  • DH, have you tried soaked Beet Pulp pellets and Senior?  You can get both at tractor supply If your local feed store doesn't have them.  I have, a rather toothless, thirty-plus year old mare who thrives on it.