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Friday with sunshine but

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Friday with sunshine but
  • kind of chilly at 44*.

    Chores are done.  No special plans for today.  I might go back to sorting out clothes.  Time to discard the ones that no longer , and hopefully never will, fit.  I did some the other day and did something to my back...didn't stop at the first twinge.  Should have.  

    Thought I would share a picture of Whisper .  The original has us riding downhill, which we were.  I edited it to make it straighter...almost uphill now.

    We don't look too bad for a couple of older gals.

  • I think you both look fab!

    Demolition of the chicken coop continues.  Finally got the roof set down.  Now to get that and the back wall separated.  I can't believe the bugs.  My idea of a "sanitary" interior was a dismal failure!  Ah well, live and learn.

  • Yes fab gals!

    I wish we could  have had some of that 43 inches of rain that southeast Texas got.

    I spent the day watering  after another run to Freiburg.

    This time was to pick up the ranch vehicle after some major overdue maintenance.

    Tomorrow is my Saturday volunteer shift.

    Have an excellent evening everyone.