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Wednesday Where
  • is everyone? (echo)

    Too dry here and the Texas coast is getting hammered with rain.
    I heard possible 15 to 20 inches.

    Appointments in Fredburg both this morning and tomorrow.
    I hate running the roads unnecessarily, but the appointments couldn't be gelled.
    I am a homebody.

    I started another pass at watering shrubs yesterday.
    Some hungry deer got a couple of the fig trees.
    Grrr, I am guessing the root system on those figs must be pretty good by now.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Lurking!

    My road trip to NC was successful in that we made it up there in time to spend time with my brother where he was able to know we were there. When we arrived he was sitting on the back patio overlooking Lake James on Tuesday Sep 3. He told us he was happy that we made it. There was a lot of pain and discomfort. The morphine started that afternoon and the next day he never made it out of bed. My final goodbye Wed afternoon he did open his eyes and looked at me, so he was aware that I was there and acknowledged me. He passed early Thursday Sep 5.

    If I was a smoker and saw the suffering I saw the Wed before he passed, I would quit. Horrible way to die.

    We need rain. Dorian passed by while we were in NC and all we got was a sprinkle. Temps have been WAY above normal, ready for Fall but it looks like Fall is going to start next week HOT.