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Sunday Short
  • ride.
    B was going to come ride but she had a bad migraine.
    Pilot went with me instead. Just a loop around the property.
    It went very well.

    Had pancake brunch when we got back.
    Put out a round bale. And then some laundry.
    I finished sewing conchos on a couple saddle pads for the upcoming parade.

    Burgers for dinner after chores.
    Everyone have a great evening!
  • Went to the barn mid afternoon and let Whisper out.  she grazed and then rolled and came back in.  I brushed her, looked at the dark sky and left the barn.  Hooked the door shut, turned around went back in and saddled her up.  We went for a very brief ride.  She was perfect.  I rode until it started to rain and then back in and put her away.

    Some day I hope to figure out video on my camera so I can get a video of her rolling.  She will roll on one side, get her front legs out so she is seated and then walk herself around, leaving her butt on the ground, and then go down on the other side...finish her roll and get up.  Conserving energy I guess.

  • Funny girl!