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What What Wednesday
  • Felt like a ping pong ball today.
    Not sure why.
    Started out well. Thinking I was getting good at not letting things bother me so much.
    That changed by this evening.
    Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    Volunteer day tomorrow and found out we had an exceptional dollar amount for last month.
    Everyone have a good safe night.
  • Not a bad day, Wednesday.  Cal is back to work after his vacation.  It seems he still has three days he needs to take.  I suggested Christmas time.

    Having my youngest son here is a treat, however, I am not accustomed to being awakened around midnight to the sounds of a dog barking at someone entering my home and raiding the fridge.  Still, it is a treat to have him here.

    Whisper let Cal take her to the paddock the other day and she ate grass while he pulled weeds.  The next day I was in the barn and he tried it again.  Nope, she knew where I was and started calling and fretting.  It seems it is the barn or wherever I am if she has her choice of places to be.  Other people are only okay if they are giving her grass and I am not in sight.  Kinda makes me feel good.