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Thursday No Taste

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Thursday No Taste
  • of fall here.
    Still mid 90's.

    Is it really Thursday again already?

    Wednesday evening was a bit coolish when I went out to water around the front of the house.
    It was mid 80's and it felt fall-ish.
    At least I'm not freezing.

    Volunteer day and we actually have a full staff for a change.
    End of the month stuff needs to be worked on.

    Amy and I plan to ride tomorrow.
    I think I will take my fat girl Sarcee. She hasn't been ridden since she conked her head.

    Hay rounds should be delivered later in the day.
    And Saturday is already the big fish fry for the neighboring town's VFD.
    We plan to attend and B plans to join us since she has never gone,

    Everyone have a great day!
    The weekend is almost here!!
  • Out of town for a couple of days.  The internet in this hotel is not the greatest.  We stopped at a nice antique/second hand store and I am amazed at how reasonable the prices are here when compared to those at home.  An adorable Larkin Desk I really like and can afford but don't see it fitting in the car. Whisper's coggins came back and her rabies is recorded on it so she is good to take out on state trails.

  • Finally got the shafts cut for Socks' show cart.  More like just his good cart as I really can't afford to show much.  there are a few drives put on by the Sacramento area driving club we would like to attend.  It's just a matter of carefully choosing a few events to attend.  Anyway, I got the shafts on and hardware attached.  So Socks and I went out on an inaugural drive, so to speak.  Such a nice vehicle to ride in.  It can be balanced to a nicety.  Now I have to sand them down and varnish to match.