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Thursday Almost Through

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Thursday Almost Through
  • the month of august already.

    I am going to shirk my volunteer duties this afternoon to go pick up hay.
    Not really shirking because I traded shifts with another team member.
    I have to work Saturday for her and she will work my afternoon shift today.
    Works better for her and I can get some rounds hauled.
    It is a new hay source and I hope it is good hay.

    I hope you all check in soon.
    I am getting tired of talking to myself.

    Have a great day!
  • Kinda boring around here. Had a storm the other night and there was a lightning strike so close the thunder shook the bed and woke me up. Never lost power. Stayed awake for a while worrying about the horses.

  • Climbed on the bathtub last Friday to wipe down the ceiling and fell . The tub caught me.  Went to the ER since my head was bleeding.  Four hours  and a CT scan later they set me free.  BP was super high but they did not seem to care.  WEnt to the Dr yesterday and she said take it easy until I stop being tired.  Rode Whisper this afternoon.  Not long but enough to reinforce that I am in charge.  She is much more energetic and yet never gets on the bit.  She moves forward at an Arab pace and I love it.  Vet says she needs muscle...guess I need to start riding more often.  Today is one of the few dry and not too hot days we have had.

    My son and his wife are here from HI.  Today they borrowed the car and headed for the state fair.  I love having them here.  He is doing quite a bit of work for us and for his Dad.

    Have a great week.