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Wednesday Went

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Wednesday Went
  • MaderChica went back yesterday.
    It was too hot for her at 100*.
    Her Christmas trip is more her type of weather.
    So hoping we will be in riding mode then.

    She has lots to get in order for school starting next week.
    And she will be doing a short stint at the MN state fair assisting the state vet working with goats.
    She also plans to continue working in the necropsy lab. She seems to really enjoy that. : (-

    The foraflex apple psyllium went untouched by the shufflers. They are very fussy and won't accept any kind of treat.

    Jet and Tonto ate it but I wet their senior feed. The instructions specifically say to keep product dry. I will have to give it to them separate from feed.

    I hope everyone is having a pleasurable mid week.

  • we feed soaked Beet Pulp.  Everything is mixed in, except the Psyllium.  I sprinkle that on top.  Otherwise, the Beet Pulp makes a gooey mess out of it.  Picky eaters can be a royal pain.