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Sunday Psyllium

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Sunday Psyllium
  • So I bought the sand clear. Waited until I would be able to feed it 30 days in a row.
    Well, they won't touch it. Now what?

    These are the last couple days before MaderChica goes home.
    Sad it was too hot to ride.
    She never really gets rolling on riding due to weather.

    She is 25% through her vet schooling. She loves it but is so worn out.
    When she does get here she does a lot of napping.

    Stude - good thing you were able to swoop in and save the tools.
    I am notorious for leaving the hay uncovered or truck windows open. Jumping out of bed when raindrops start falling is my modus operandi.
    Our showers are usually a surprise when they do come. Never when they are forecasted.

    Everyone have a surprisingly good Sunday!

  • How did you present the Sand Clear?  We make up buckets every night and sprinkle ours on top during a cycle.  Mixing it in makes the Beetpulp into a gooey mess.  Sometimes we find it on the bottom of the feeders, most often not.  You might try introducing it slowly working up to the full dose over a week or two.  We use For-A-Flex apple psyllium and have had good luck with it.  Bloody expensive, but far less than a vet bill.