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Friday Frying

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Friday Frying
  • HOT here. 100+ temps for the next ten days or so.
    Keeping troughs filled and plants watered is the main item on my agenda.

    We learned another friend has cancer. And a person from the library just had cancer surgery.
    Another library volunteer goes for a bone scan today. What is happening?

    I hope you all are well and ready for a nice weekend.

  • Well our weather report lived down to its usual dependable, undependability.  On Thursday evening Friday was predicted to have 0% chance of rain.  Friday morning same thing.  So of course, it poured replete with thunder, lightning, and heavy wind.  I have never seen so much sheet lightning.  Of course, I left all my power tools outhinking it wouldn't rain till Saturday evening.  All the sheet lightning clued me in.  I checked the weather report and now rain was at 90%!!  Gee thanks kids!  So ran up the hill and put everything away as best I could.  Just in the nick as it started in with rain and wind as shortly after I got back to the house.  Ran out and closed up the carriage houses (because of the heat we leave them open in the summer) and the tool shed.  I really need to have my raincoat re-treated.

    However, the upside to all this drama is that half inch of duff is now plastered down or washed away for a few days.  Also, the idiots racing up and down the driveway won't raise so much dust, well... for a few days anyway.  Fire danger is nil now, again for a few days anyway.

    Gotta love living in the mountains.  Never a dull moment!