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Wednesday, looks like rain.....again

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Wednesday, looks like rain.....again
  • Whisper has been so much better about wanting out for grass that I let her out late in the morning.  She saw me leave and did not fret.  An hour later I checked on her and she was melting down.  Pacing in front of the barn, all nerves on edge.  She saw me, nickered in a thankful way (there you are, I am needing to go in )  She snatched mouthfuls of grass as she waited for me to open the gate to get in the yard.  Raced me to the barn...she won.  HUGE green head on her shoulder,  I smacked it.  Opened the gate to the barn and she rushed in and into her stall. She drank a little water and then started to relax.  She had started to break out in hives.  I went back over  a couple of hours later and she was peacefully eating hay.  Didn't notice any hives.  I guess she is not ready for alone time outside yet.

    Where is everybody?  Hope you are all okay.

  • Everything ok here.

    HOT and DRY though. But it is August.

    Time to do stuff mostly inside for a few weeks.

    Except watering of course.

    MaderChica is here for another week but it is too hot to ride.

    Her dad  has a few days off work so she is spending some time with him.

    She came and shopped in my closet last night. She hates shopping and is a poor college kid.

    I stock up stuff she might like and she picks whatever she wants.

    Everyone wherever you are, have a great day!

  • Still digging ...  takes a while when all you have is a teaspoon and teacup (Kubota).  I'm thankful for Jmebear's little tractor though.  It would take a lot longer with a shovel and wheelbarrow.  Speaking of which, I'd better get out  there and back to work.  Breezy threw a shoe and that accelerates things...

  • Camping trip with grand daughter went well, had a great time. She heads back to VA this Sunday.

    Last Sunday she and I rode Apache. This was the first time Apache has done this and he did very well.