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Saturday Slight

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Saturday Slight
  • Chance of showers.
    40% tomorrow. We need it bad.
    Everything went brown.
    The animals are really going through a lot of water.

    Tonto had his own all you can eat buffet while we were away.
    That boy can put away a round in a couple weeks almost all by himself.
    Tonto gained weight and Jet lost weight.

    They didn't gt stalled at night so Jet didn't get as much hay.
    I have up-ed his feed by a cup and we will see how he looks in a week.

    The girls are coming to ride this morning if we can dodge the showers.
    We will have cooler weather for a couple days.

    Everyone have an awesome Saturday!

  • Had a great camping trip with grand daughter. She has ridden Fancy and Apache, while on lead rope. Her legs just don't quite reach the stirrups. Plan on taking her on a short ride today (Sunday) using a buddy seat.

  •  Went over to the barn Sunday afternoon and let Whisper out.  As long as I sat out with my suduko book she was content to graze.  I went back into the barn and she followed.  Later, I went back over, brushed her, (boy is she shedding) and bridled and saddled her.  She wanted out of the barnyard so through the small gate and down the road we went.  She  finally did that sweet, ground covering Arab stride with a bit of style.  Loved it.  Her ears were forward and she was enjoying herself.  When we got back, I dismounted and led her through the gate.  Then I got back on.  What a good feeling to mount from the ground instead of from my stool..  Those torture sessions (exercises) are working.  Of course I have less weight to put up in the saddle now, too.  All in all, a wonderful time with the girl I am glad is mine.