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Wednesday where's the stuff

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Wednesday where's the stuff
  • Tomorrow is the last day for us at Osh Kosh.
    I told Pilot he better get and see everything he wants because when we get home I don't want to hear any whining.

    I don't plan to ever come again but it was something he wanted us to do together at least once.
    He says he won't ever drive to Osh again.
    We will head back Friday as early as we can dismantle and stow tent.

    I hope everyone has had a great week!

  • Ripped out twenty feet or so of Blackberry bramble.  Pity as the berries are at their peak.  Also shaved between two and three feet of soil.  Reason being I had to get access to the old rifle range.  I have a sad hole to dig there and it's really tearing me up.  I'm really going to miss the old lady, but not likely as much as Jmebear will.  She has had Breezy since she was foaled out and used to own her dam as well.  She's had a long run of years.  We will both really miss her.

    Got my Studebaker pickup back on his wheels over the weekend and positioned for moving.  I love that old truck!  My Imperial Mansion will be making the long trek down hill over dale and up another hill tomorrow.  I hope it goes well.  Spent an hour positioning it so all I have to do is drive straight out.  Forty feet of trailer is ticklish  to manoeuvre.   Have to pick up my wheel athe tire place too.  Had a flat on a bran-new tire.  I'm kinda hoping they'll put it on for me.

    Well I hope everyone has a great last half of the week and weekend too!

  • Take custody of our grand daughter for a couple weeks today. Then Friday head to Natural Tunnel State Park in VA for a camping trip with her.  

  • Stude, sorry about your loss.  Face, glad you get to spend time with your grand.  Here we will be having hot days and cool nights.

    Got a call from my ex yesterday.  He has me worried.  He was out in the sun too long and thinks he had heat stroke.  He wanted a phone number since he could not remember the name of the man he bought his car from.  His mind is fuzzy and his speech is a bit thick...I told him I was available if he needs any help.  Then contacted our oldest son who got back to me last evening.  He worked late and could not stop to see his father but he did call him and said he will try to get there this weekend to check on him.  Not telling the son in HI since he is coming next month and needs to get some things taken care of first.  He would drop everything to fly over here to take care of him.

  • Wow, wish I had kids like yours, Connie.  Mine could care less.

  • They are good men.  Not perfect but good.  They love and value their parents and I am thankful.