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Saturday - A DAY OFF!!!

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Saturday - A DAY OFF!!!
  • Been working pretty much non-stop at the base after the earthquakes. So much damage. I got over 40 hrs overtime.
    Anyway, I'm at Starbucks. Just threw in a job application. I know. But after all, I been here a year.
    I hope all is well where you are. hugs!!
  • Going through a heat advisory time here.  I stay in the house with the AC.  Whisper is in the barn with the peak fan on and the big floor fan...I don't leave the floor fan on at night.  I angle it so it blows more across the door to her stall than in it...don't want chaff being blown into her eyes.  The heat is supposed to break.  Each day heavy thunderstorms at dark.    Whisper flat out refuses to go outside and relax even in the evening.  I will have to take her out on a lead to get her to eat grass.  She does not want to be alone.  She isn't even happy outside if I am in the barn doing her stall.  She wants my entire attention.  She is NOT spoiled.  much.

    Church later.  Thankful there is AC there.  I do not do well when you mix heat and humidity.  Looking at vacations spots in Maine.  It looks so cool and pleasant in the photos but I know they get muggy too.  I have been looking at Airbnb places and hotels with indoor pools...thinking I need a couple of days with access to a pool and where the bugs do not have access to me.

    Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and a great week.

  • Well, you could visit Acadia and take Whisper with.

  • Stude,  really?  I could take her there?  I loved the area when I was there in February.  To be able to stay there and have a place to ride would be wonderful.

  • Acadia was originally designed to be viewed on horseback and especially carriage.  I believe you can board Whisper at Wildwood Stables where the carriage tours leave from.  Youtube has videos.  Here's a few:


  • so wonderfu.l.  makes me want to move there.  I love the area.  I was there in February.  Even beautiful in the winter.