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Jumped into July

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Jumped into July
  • Yesterday was interesting.
    New farrier came. I just wanted to get everybody caught up and done.
    Ended up he didn't take that much off anyone so I must have been keeping them up more than I thought.
    He is fast, fits me in within about a week of me calling him, likes my horses and is recommended by my old farrier. Can't beat that.
    All five were done in 2 hours.

    We went to FredBurg for lunch, got gas in the 4runner and stopped at the hanger.
    Pilot wanted to check oil in the plane after his flight on Saturday.
    Headed home and grabbed his truck to fuel up in Harper.
    We took all the empty fuel cans also.

    Hit the hay barn for a couple bales of wheat hat to get by until we can't get that hybrid calf gone.
    Got home and we mowed the front hi way fence for the holiday weekend.
    You never know when someone will flick a cigarette and start a fire.
    Pilot mowed until his back said enough.

    A couple boys got washed when they came in and I jumped on a mare to make sure she was ok for a ride today.
    Oh and the new water heater went out.
    2 years old and $5000, REALLY!

    I hope you all had a productive day as well.

    Happy holiday week!

  • My computer is dying in addition to all the other issues I'm dealing with.  Fun, fun, fun.

    We had a blessed arrival on Saturday morning around two.  He was in dicey shape for about 24 hrs. but is doing fine now.  He looks to be a silver black with sprinkles on his butt.  Cute and cheeky, in contrasto Momma's grumpiness.

    Five grand for a water heater?  Gosh, do you get a kiss afterwards?  Or is it gold plated?  I guess repair bills are bigger in Texas too!  WOW!!

  • My computer is slowly giving up and giving more trouble. Bought a refurbished Mac and I am not really in love with it.  Son says he will bring me something better when he comes here from HI which should be sometime this month

    Might see if we can take Bella north tomorrow...depends on how Cal feels about a trip.  We are supposed to be back to a dinner by 3.  4 hours on the road?  could leave fairly early in the morning and get it done.  I will see how he feels about it...if we do, the danged mare needs a bath.  Bathed her the other night so she put all her bedding to the outside of the stall and lay down on each side...an equal opportunity manure stain girl she is.