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Wednesday roof

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Wednesday roof
  • We had big bad hail along with the 4 inches of rain the other night.
    So going to have an insurance adjuster come out and check the roof.

    Also some trees down. A big job that I prefer to do in fall and winter.
    Thankful for all the rain but it is hard to get any work done with all this mud.

    We picked up his repaired truck (new starter) from Kville yesterday.
    Driving home I was so tired that upon arriving home I piled in bed for a nap.
    Worked on shrubs in the front after waking.

    Today I need a round bale and fuel in my truck. So off to town again.

    I hope everyone is keeping cool. We go up to 100* tomorrow but a cool down to 80's over the weekend.
    Sure would be nice to ride.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  • Thursday afternoon hit by a serious storm. As we drove to the barn the sun was out. Prepped dinner and as we drove out we saw the cloud. Hmm, they better eat fast. They are in upper pasture so they get tethered to trees for dinner so everyone gets their fair share, Fancy and Apache are on diets so they do not agree that they get a fair share. Then it hit. Two horses released their own tethers. We got every one else released and off they went tot he shelter, except Fancy, there was still some food left!  Anyway, one branch came down and hurt the fence. After the storm passed went up and fixed it and inspected the rest of the fence. Also had a branch come down on the fence behind the barn.

    I was looking at the news for anything on wind gust. At the University of SC football stadium they had a gust of 79 mph. However, according to WeatherBug we had one of 14, 364.6 mph. So there! Top that!  Normally we would check radar before horse dinner time, we didn't do that yesterday for some reason. Lesson learned. 

    We use WeatherBug because they use a weather station that the power company has which is about 2 miles away. So very accurate for us, when it is accurate. Maybe lightening struck the wind gauge and really went that fast.

    Screenshot of wind gust. 


  • WOW!  We had a lot of flooding in our area Wednesday night and Thursday.  The ground can not take much more of this.  took a ride on the bus with Cal since he had to transport one to Utica and bring another one back.  Saw lots of water sitting in fields.  Field drains with 4" tiles running full tile...big culverts still running 1/4 - 1/3 full a couple of hours after the rain ceased.  then more rain overnight.  Glad we are high and dry (ish) here. Face, thankful the horses are okay.

  • Kinda a no win for us. The horses only go to this pasture during the summer. However, it is up on a hill and is a high point. Sister's house is up there so hopefully it gets hit before anything else. HAHAHAHA