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Wednesday well

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Wednesday well
  • The doctor informed Pilot after reviewing the CT scan that he had actually broken 4 not 3 spinal processes.

    We had 20% chance of rain yesterday and it rained all day.
    I should have been a weather guesser.
    The weather is messing with first hay cut getting in. I am having to use squares and hauling quite often.
    Due to rain and horses being penned. I got a cube of twenty yesterday.

    There were some rides scheduled this week but all are cancelled.
    Except Saturday's trail ride is still on. Friday winds are suppose to pick up so it will dry sufficiently.

    The calf turns out to be a bull. Disappointing because we probably won't be able to manage a bull long term.

    The rain has brought cooler temps so the rest of the week will be beautiful.
    I hope yours is too!

  • Temps pegged at a hundred on Monday and will be hovering slightly under for the next two weeks.  No rain or relief in sight.  Also, we are dealing with uncharacteristically high humidity.  Uncomfortable as it is, the humidity is a good thing when it's this hot.

    Got my truck running again.  I really need to get shop manuals for the thing.

    Belle was injured in her right rear foot last night.  We are having a hard time figuring what happened.  Looks like she won't be going to the show this weekend.  Pity, as I really was looking forward to seeing her there.

    Abby, the new mare, has finally calmed down, for the most part.  She still needs a lot of work on basics.  

    Raven is sound.  Perhaps not yet serviceably sound, but close.  At least she can run and play with the other ponies pain free and appears to have no pain afterwards.  Quite the miracle, or nearly so, for a foundered pony.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • My young Amish carpenters arrived.  They installed the replacement window in the lower level,  did a great job.   Then they ripped of the roof over the small deck off the garage (a story up) and started the process of making a new roof.  Next, metal roof on the back of the garage and , finally, they will tackle my barn projects.  If they come today, they could work in the barn but I prefer the house stuff gets done first.  They do great work.   They are redoing things we had had done when we first moved here.  Big difference between the work from "anything will do" and  I get satisfaction doing it right.