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Monday Mash

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Monday Mash
  • The weekend went by too fast.
    Saturday I got to see our first Longhorn calf being born.
    This one belongs to us. Wasn't close enough to determine for sure, but I think a heifer.
    The last is a cross from the neighbor's corriente bull.

    B and I did a ride yesterday. It was the hottest day so far at 99. We quit at 1pm.
    Thunderstorms last night brought an inch of rain and cooler temps.

    Pilot is on his seventh week of being laid up with his broken back. He is moving around more but carefully.
    We both will be sooooo glad when this over.

    Stude congrats on your finished project!

    I hope everyone has great upcoming week!

  • BROKEN BACK!!!!!? Oh no! *digging for more info*