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Mild Monday

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Mild Monday
  • Not much happening.
    A light rain shower this morning.
    Made rattlesnake hunting a no go.
    Saw it again yesterday when we went to feed the weaning calf.
    It was probably close enough for a strike by the time I saw it but it went under the shed instead.
    We brought a snake gun and bombs for under the shed this morning but too cool and rainy.

    Dry by noon. Some laundry and plant transplanting is about all that is getting done.
    Pilot took the car for an oil change.

    Lots of good fly info. I do switch between fly spray formulas.
    I have fly bait coming on the horse order to put in the fly trap to help make it more effective.
    I even spray the poop piles before mucking in the morning.

    Has anyone had experience with the slobbers???

  • Well, looks like I have to look for another home.  The fellow I have been living with has given me notice I have to be out by the end of the year.  Nice long warning, I suppose.  Problem is my collection of Studebakers and vintage trailers.  Truly a case of one man's treasure is someone else's junk.  I'm going to have a hard time finding someone to accept me and my 'baggage'.

    Still struggling along here at the Walking Bear what with the demands from CDF and the repairs that simply won't be put off anymore.  Twenty years of neglect to a poorly installed and abused Mobile Home have their consequences.  Keeps me busy and my nose to the grind stone.

    I've been working on a leech-line issue with the septic system for a while now.  Ran a snake in the end of the leech line and then it began to rain so had to quit.  Things have finally dried out sufficiently over the past month to get back to the project and I was finally able to finish clearing out the leech line.  Now I have to find an adapter from 3" thick-walled pipe (normal) to cheap leech line. <rolleyes>  Then this exercise in endurance can be finished... I hope.

    We have been experiencing some real problems with Jmebear's latest acquisition.  Abbey has been flying around like a vicious little kite since we picked her up down south.  She has been a real witch for not only us, but the other Minis as well.  Jmebear may have come across part of the issue.  Abbey has been fed  much the same as the rest, including cookies (Trail Snacks).  Seems the treats are basically Oatmeal cookies with molasses.  Doesn't seem to be a problem for anyone else, but Abbey seems to be reacting badly to them.  So Jmebear has cut everything off except grass hay and Abbey seems to have calmed down considerably.  We shall see.


  • Recipe for Ranger Spray

    1 Cup Water

    1 Cup Avon Skin so Soft

    2 Cups White Vinegar

    1 TBS Eucalyptus Oil

  •   Rod, remember our old friend Rod?  Used for his dogs, horses, and family Pure Vanilla extract cut with water   one to one or one to two...choose for yourself.  I have tried it.  The horses do NOT mind it being sprayed on their faces since it does not sting..don't mind after first few attempts.  It is not long lasting and might leave a bit of stickiness but it does work..at least here in central New York state.  

    I am glad I saved this picture of him and his wonderful team.  Sure do miss him.

  • I miss Rod too!

  • Yes, such a wonderful picture!

  • Get a mongoose?