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Saturday Trail

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Saturday Trail
  • Plan is to feed the horses this morning and then walk and do maintenance on our best trail which we have not been on since some time last Fall. Tomorrow I plan to take Fancy on the trail provided I don't run into any major issues today. The wife is in PA having family meetings are the plan for her parents. "If this happens then we do this" and so on and on. Her visits to PA give me a chance to ride Fancy.

    After 3 rides last weekend I have come to the conclusion that Apache has reached a new level, thankfully a level up and not back. The wife and I probably need to switch horses now and then but we each have developed a good working relationship with the horses we ride and have a comfort level. 

    My sister is not doing squat with her new horse Spirit, which we knew before Spirit got here, that that would be the case. The lady who we got most of our horses from is getting close to retiring her trail horse. At that point will have her come over and ride Spirit with us. It is hard putting effort into the sister's horses when we don't have enough time for our own.


  • Very little had to be done to get the trail operational again. Another trail that was blocked I was also able to open up again. Fancy and I should have a good ride today.