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Finally Friday

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Finally Friday
  • I had a three day migraine and it's finally gone.
    This weather is culprit. We have high winds for a week and not ending until perhaps Tuesday.

    My friend Amy is back and we did a ride Wednesday.
    Pilot is doing better, able to get in and out of bed. And do some other light duties.
    He went to town and managed to get a few groceries. We need a major stock up trip.
    We needed a major stock up about 2 months ago so you can imagine how bare the cupboards are.

    I hope everyone is surviving their bad weather and has a good weekend.

  • Heat wave moving in. Way too early for that. Horse Flies that usually don't appear until July/August are already around. We needed a much longer and colder winter season this past winter. Son from VA is in the area visiting significant others mother who lives on a lake. We will head over there Sunday for a picnic, swimming, and grand kids. Early in the season so lake should be refreshing.

    Granddaughter will be with us 3 weeks this summer and we are starting to plan her horse activities. She is 6 and want to bump her up a level. We think Starr, an Arab, would be very responsive to her when being lead. Very head sensitive and will turn to face you with very little effort required.