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Solo Preakness

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Solo Preakness
  • Watched The Preakness Saturday. Another interesting race. Like many others I was fixated on Bodexpress after he threw his rider, who was thankfully unhurt. He just kept on running, in fact, he did the whole track TWICE. As the race was taking place my question was "what if a riderless horse wins?" Learned that they officially stated he "did not finish". Another controversy in my book, he did indeed finish was ahead of some other horses.

    We took Apache and Fancy out yesterday and they were great. We ended up at the pasture behind our house which is their first visit there for 2019. We then lead the other 3 over to join them.  

  • I would say they can always disqualify a riderless horse for having incomplete equipment.  That is what we used to quip with the standardbreds if one lost his driver.

    Glad you had a nice ride.