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Sunday is
  • Happy Mother's Day!
    Jet's birthday. He is 21.
    And best of all it is FINALLY sunny.

    We have had rain all week.
    I know we always need it but we are finally saturated.

    Long hard week for me taking care of everything with Pilot down.
    There is a new calf and another due to arrive soon.

    The rain has put off first cut of hay here.
    I got the last two 3 string square bales from the hay barn to get me through the weekend.
    They are getting more Monday. 100 pounders so have to be creative how I unload and move them.

    Watching the neighbors property while they are gone for a couple weeks. I spied a new black buck kid over there.

    Bareback rides I wish I had time. when it gets dried up maybe I can jump on of an evening.
    Jet, Sarcee and Tex are all do-able if I have something to climb up.
    That reminds me, I have a new bareback rig for Tex that I haven't even tried yet.

    I am having the family over for dinner. Celebrating Mother's Day for my sis.
    Ham, potato salad, 7 layer salad, crescents and brownies for dessert.
    I also made a pot of chili yesterday because that is what sis really wanted.

    I hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday!

  • Oooooo bareback on an eh-rab?  Oh dear, that brings back painful memories!   Glad to hear you two had a good time goofing around.

    Well, tthe '54 'Imperial is home.  She towed very well for a sixty-five year old trailer!  Especially considering the strong side winds and other issues we had to deal with.  

    My intention was to spend only two or three days in Fawn Lodge this past week.  However, the starter on my truck decided to fall apart (thankfully after the trailer was home).  Then I had a devil of a time getting it to work properly.   It's working now, but I still had to jerry-rig the ignition wiring to get it done.

    The grass out in the back acres is just beautiful!  It's hard to believe there was a fire back out there.  Sadly, the fire was two years ago and still no fencing.  thankfully we do have the neighbor's little paddock.  Not as nice as what's going to waste out back though.  Rain?  Mine don't even like being out after dark!  My Hackney hangs his head over the fence and blubbers to be taken back into his house!   The big spoiled baby!   

    Well, I'm falling asleep  at the keyboard here.  Hope everyone has a Mahhhhhhvelous Monday!


  • Whisper feels the nicest place in the world is in her stall.  

    My new to me car has remote start!  I accidentally started it one day.  Finally found a web site that gave me the correct starting combination.  I had the batteries checked and they are fine.  YES!! it works as long as I remember the sequence.  I am liking this car.  

    Yes, Stude, sitting on her bareback was a totally different feeling than sitting on Lena bareback.  I always said Lena was like straddling an overstuffed couch.  Whisper is not.  If I get the right size girth, I might try my cut back saddleseat  on her.  

    Have a super day.

  • Interesting the conformational issues.  My own (nearly all half-)Arabs were also more comfortable with a higher or cutback tree.  Even through they didn't have particularly high withers.  Now Socks (Hackney) does have a rather high withers and a broad well padded back (Yeah, he's a fat boy who needs more work).  Jmebear has a very nice cut-back Dressage/English-type (sort of general purpose) saddle that fits both Socks and I very well.  Kinda funny how that works, isn't it?  Same with his Driving saddle too.  He has to have a very high arch in the middle, thus extra padding in the skirts and so on (yes, that's extra).  However as soon as I tell the makers the harness is for a Hackney they are already planning that out as the breed has a bit of a reputation in that direction.

    Socks loves his house too.  He loves going out at liberty with everyone else, however (when we were using the pasture here) he would be back at the gate begging to come in his house within an hour or two.  Silly spoiled boy.