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Friday plans fizzle

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Friday plans fizzle
  • With the days longer and a couple of days of no rain, I have been leaving the horses out longer.  Less cleaning in the stalls that way and they are free to do as they wish outside.  A major rain event moved in around dark last night.  Guess another day in the barn for the horses.  They do not seem to appreciate being out in the rain.

    I climbed on Whisper in the barn the other night.  I have not been on a horse bareback in a couple (or more) years.  She was fine.  I led her to my mounting stool, but it was not high enough so I put it next to a tack trunk and stood her there.  She was a darling.  I rode her in the barn because she was too muddy to take out in public and I was not feeling in the mood to groom her.  Then, I discovered my balance on a naked horse is not what it once was...hmm, guess I really do use my saddle.  It seems to now be more than a device to keep my jeans clean.  Next discovery was getting off is not easy for me without a saddle  Just not as agile as I once was.  Rode her back over to the stool, lined her up, and dismounted on that.  So glad she is a good girl, I had visions of one foot on the stool and one on her back and her side passing away from me.  I took the bridle off and told her to go back to her stall.  She did.  Then I proceeded to give her treats.  She is such a great horse.  I have not regretted getting her even when she had issues like the swelling in her leg and when she had hives.  Her good points far outweigh her health issues when she has them.  Plus she is a darling to work on.  Never fights against being helped.

    It is 6:37am.  I suppose I should put some outside things on and brave the monsoon rains and feed the girls.  I imagine the barn kitties will be glad to see me too.

    Hoping all have a great day and a fabulous weekend.  Oh, looking into getting a new laptop.  Found two places that have refurbished Apple products at decent prices.  Both come highly recommended by friends I trust.  I thought I might like a Mac since they don't have the virus issues other pc's have.  I find my Dell laptop is getting slower and slower and it does not respond the way I would like it too.  As in, it is very frustrating at times.

  • 70% rain today and tomorrow. Looking at radar I don't see it today, maybe tomorrow. Back in the schedule of rain every weekend and nice during the week. Kinda kills the weekend riding. Need to get pasture behind our house ready for horses first visit of the year. Fence and waterers need some attention.

    Farrier coming tomorrow, Sunday. Was supposed to come today but she has a horse that she has to do eye treatments on 3x a day and then she would have had 13 horses to do also today. Tomorrow is fine.

    Wife has been battling nasty cold and gives her another day to recover. We we supposed to go to sons tomorrow for Mother's Day, probably will skip since wife is sick and I am having a few symptoms as well. No need to contaminate their baby and his wife's elderly grandparents, especially since a large portion of his wife's family are heading to Puerto Rico the following week, including my son, his wife and their baby.

  • And speaking of bareback. A few years ago I went to get on Eros bareback. He was standing there when I jumped up from the mounting block, however, when I came in for the landing on his back he had moved on and I landed on the ground.

  • Oh, no.  I tried to get off Lena bareback and wound up sliding down her front leg and then was sitting on the floor with my legs wrapped around her leg..She just stood there and looked at me.  Steady girl