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Derby Day

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Derby Day
  • I won't get to watch.
    Wednesday morning My Dad called and I had to rush him to the ER.
    Emergency surgery, bowel blockage.
    Good grief he could have gone on Friday when we asked him.
    Instead he had to nearly die by drowning in his own waste first.

    I am getting stretched pretty thin here.
    Pilot laid up, Dad in the hospital, bad weather, horses and cows.
    Of course one of the cows is bagging up so a new calf is eminent also.
    Not sure I can get over to check on her today. We had lots of bad storms and heavy rain last night.
    I will slog along and do the best I can.

    I hope everyone has a delightful day!
  • Prayers for strength for you and healing for them.

  • Taking care of parents isn't fun.

    Watched Derby. Hmmmm on results. When I would run Fancy with the teenage girls racing behind she naturally, on her own, would block the pack behind so they couldn't pass. Strategy?